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Monday, 19 January 2015

New Personal Writing Platforms

The two new projected websites have been created. They are just there in basic form. I will continue to improve them. Posting as already begun.

First site is just writing practice. Basically I have fun like I did on Bubblews. Main difference is I make the rules so I don't have to worry about adding links to my own material elsewhere. For example, if I'm babbling on about my cycling webzine. I will add a link. No one is going to punish me for it. The URL is http://picoswriting.blogspot.ca.

Second site is for book reviews. I read what I feel like. I find I read a lot of historical fiction and books from friends. If that interests you by all means pay me a visit there. I have roughly twenty reviews and will write more. I will only post one per day until they are all there. That way I can promote the material without spamming everyone to death. The URL for this site is http://picosbookreviews.blogspot.ca. Each review will include an Amazon link to buy it if you are so inclined.

If I'm writing about writing it is still going to be published on this site. If it has to do with cycling it will go on Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road.

If you are inclined to keep up with any of my writing please either follow the blog directly or follow my author's page on Facebook Pico Triano. My Webzine Facebook page is Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road. I also have a couple Twitter accounts to promote my work @PicoTriano and @PicosCycling.

Hopefully this doesn't confuse everyone. I'm not used to writing anything with this many links.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Getting Ready For Something New

During our forced Internet vacation, I started reading more books again. I wrote book reviews to go with the ones that I read. Today I went back to my old Blog located all the book reviews that I did in the past. I saved them all to my computer and deleted them so that Google won't penalize me for repeating material.

Since at current count there are nineteen of them, I thought it would be useful to create a separate review Blog. This way anyone interested can come an see what I read and what I thought of those books. If interested there will be Amazon links so that readers can purchase those books if they feel moved to do so. I have no plans to become an important book reviewer. I just read what I feel like or have available at the time. I will have times that I have to wait for my kids to finish their shift at work. This will make good use of that time.

The Blog is already created but there is nothing to see except my mug telling you it's under construction. The address is http://picosbookreviews.blogspot.com

It is supposed to run as a companion to this site. Links back and forth will be put on both sites. I set it up separately though because it will be easier for me to keep it organized. At some point I will have to classify the reviews by genre. If I leave everything here, it will become a mess.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Time To Reboot

We have been knocked off line for a little over a month. This has thrown a monkey wrench into a lot of the online work I was doing at the time. It is going to take me probably the better part of the next week to regroup. The technicians got us back up and running late yesterday.

Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road got published on time anyway. Being able to view how it all uploaded here on my home system is not giving me any happy thoughts. I have to redivide up paragraphs and finally attach the intended accompanying photos. Not being able to promote has really screwed with my readership numbers. In short, I'm very frustrated but it will all get fixed.

During the past month we discovered a file containing five pictures I created a long time ago. The one above is pencil crayon on regular drawing paper. It was done when I was quite a bit younger. I'm delighted to have found them and we make use of them. Probably make them available in my Zazzle shops if nothing else.

I've had a lot of ideas during the past month. Trick right now is to figure out how to implement them. One item is to add a section of book reviews I have done along with links to Amazon where I have an affiliate account. That way people interested can purchase any of the books reviewed. I just haven't decided how best to present that on this blog.

At the time the Internet went down my daughter and I were working to put together a novel review group on WDC that would only cost participation. In other words, you help other writers by doing chapter reviews and they help you. We had mostly figured it all out. We hope to implement that in the next week.

I have worked on quite a bit of material in the meantime. So once I'm rolling online again, I should be able to consistently get quite a lot done.