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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Odds and Ends Finishing the Month

The month of August wasn't a stellar writing month for me. Changes to my schedule and all should translate into more and better writing from me but I'm still working my way through having a great deal of my life turned upside down.

I did successfully publish the September issue of Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road. It has been a bit of a struggle. Thankfully I've gotten consistent work from fellow writer Jack Hawkins. I've managed ten months. Two more and we'll have been in existence for a whole year.

The latest issue is available right here: http://picoscycling.blogspot.ca/2014/08/picos-cycling-tales-of-road-september.html

One thing that I would like to get done is to make up actual magazine covers for each month that we've done and thumbnail them all on an archive page. I think that would be a neat way to handle that. Not sure I'll find the time for that very soon.

Hubpages really took a backseat this month and it shows in my stats. Writing an article there involves a great deal more thought and planning than dumping posts on Bubblews.

I have been working on a series of articles with titles starting with Homeschooling - Lessons of Opportunity. I imagine that isn't very search engine friendly but I don't have a lot of time to dig deeply into that subject anyway. For the most part I end up writing what I like and hope enough other people like the same things.

At this point there are four completed articles. If you click on the titles below you can access them right from here.

Homeschooling-Lessons of Opportunity: The Moose Skull

This is what happens when homeschoolers find a pile of animal bones in the bush.

Homeschooling-Lessons of Opportunity: The Shipwreck

The wreck of the SS Michipicoten lies off Cook's Dock, Manitoulin Island. We found a chunk of her on the beach and had an old timer witness tell us the story.

Homeschooling-Lessons of Opportunity: The Racing Pigeon

Recapturing my daughter's flock included a newcomer with a leg band.

Homeschooling-Lessons of Opportunity: Fort Beausejour/Fort Cumberland

Visiting a local historical site with huge significance in the history of North America.

I don't really restrict myself to one subject anywhere I write. Hubpages is no different. I appreciate the freedom a writer like myself has to express himself through that platform. Hubpages is an important part of my online writing. If you would like to know more about how I go about writing on that site I did write an article covering my masterplan, if you can call it that.

My Three Prong Online Article Writing Attack

I of course have a profile on Hubpages as well. You can visit it right here: http://picotriano.hubpages.com/. Links to my online writing profiles are listed in the righthand column as well.

Thanks for reading.

The Past Week on Bubblews

Normally I won't make separate posts for my Bubblews work on this blog. I will list them along with the other things I do during the week. This week is different because Facebook has decided to ban all Bubblews content from their site. There is a lot of speculation as to the reason. I'm not going to get into that.

It does create an issue for me though. I promoted all my Bubblews musings there and this decision by Facebook may cost me more than five percent of my earnings on the site. I have quite a few friends who follow me through Facebook and they will no longer be seeing my stuff there. I'm hoping they all see this blog post. If you enjoy my writing, you will still be able to follow it all by coming here first. Just follow this blog and visit now and then. There is already a link to my Bubblews profile in the righthand column and it is my intention to highlight everything I write there in my weekly updates.

My profile link there is: http://www.bubblews.com/account/34385-koopharper.

Posts from the past week are listed below. Click on the titles to view and read.

Rubber Band Ball

A slightly tongue in cheek post about recycling rubber bands at work to make a ball for Wesley.

Coincidence or Joke

Jerry, Larry, Terry, Barry and Jerry are working for me for the day. Was my boss playing a joke on me?

Not a Good Fit

I get to supervise a man forced to take a job he is physically unfit to perform.

One Room Schoolhouse

There is an old one room schoolhouse down the road from our place. It holds memories for a lot of people.

Dizzy As Can Be

No packing turntable means I get to run around and around the cabinets to wrap them. Don't need to go drinking after work to be unsteady on my feet.

New Author's Blog

I let my Bubblews audience know about my new blog url.

Too Young

The young heart transplant recipient my children befriended online passed away. A very sad day for all of us.

Heavy Day of Writing Tomorrow

Sometimes I just ramble about what's on my plate.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Basics Are In Place

What I set out to do has been accomplished with one minor glitch. The ad for my book won't display for some reason. It's showing just fine on Pico's Cycling -Tales of the Road and that makes no sense. The added gadget is the same on both sites. The HTML code was copy and pasted into both of them. I'll figure it out eventually.

Once I have a few posts on here, I will be adding additional advertising. I'll also go back to the old site a put a message up directing readers to come here. The hope is not to lose any regular readers in the transition.

Before I pack things up for the night, I get to put a folder icon on my laptop desktop. The link should allow me to quickly transfer links to my weekly writing here. The goal is to make posting here easy and useful.

Good writing day. I wrote two articles for the webzine today. I only need one more to be ready to publish again. That's assuming Jack will have everything done as well. Looks good anyway. I'm pretty determined to get that out on time again. Haven't failed since we launched.

Looking forward to a great week.

Under Construction!

I finally set about doing something that I've had in mind for quite some time. Rebuild my author's blog and make it work for me again. Part of me forgot how much work this is though.

My plans for this are ambitious. I want to make it easier for people who follow or visit me out of the blue to find my writing efforts. If I do this right, I will improve my ranking on Google, which will help that cause as well. Expect to find links. In fact two paragraphs down there are three of them.

A lot of writers have helped me and I am hoping to offer links to their work as well. I believe writers need all the help they can get. My plan is to highlight another writer each week from the various platforms I write on myself.

Right now I write on three sites with some regularity. WDC (writing dot com), Bubblews and Hubpages. Click the links to go to my profile pages.

I hope to have this blog working as envisioned by the end of another week. That is truly ambitious because I'm aiming to get my webzine published before the end of the month as well. Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road is a project of have no intentions of giving up on at this point in time.