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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Boosting My Hubpages

My writing has gotten several boosts from my new writing websites. Some of it not entirely expected. There was one benefit I was expecting. I can farm my writing practice site for stories that go together. Once I have enough of them I can group them together for a Hubpages article. Once they've worn out there welcome there, I can still pull them back and someday use them somewhere else.

I did an article called Conversations With Customer Service. It was quite successful. Several writers over there thought a sequel would be a good idea. Well I have enough potential stories to do just that. One of them I was able to retrieve from Bubblews. There was a time when nothing could be removed from that site without losing the money that the post had earned. It may be possible to retrieve some other things from there as well. Another story was already written on Pico's Writing Practice. Inspiration has come since then and now there are enough to make that sequel. Three written and three to write. Hope it will eventually earn enough over there to make payout.

The surprise came from my other writing efforts. Pico's Book Reviews. I post links to all my writing on social networking sites. To my surprise I got a response from one of the authors on Twitter and have been dropping a few lines of conversation back and forth ever since. A little bit of encouragement one writer to another.

Not making much from my writing right now but I keep plugging away. There are signs that things are improving and moving forward.