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Monday, 21 September 2015

Writing Reboot

A lot has changed over the last several months, especially in regards to my writing. New to me equipment and new priorities.

Biggest and most painful change was shelving Pico's Cycling for the foreseeable future. I have every intention of bringing it back when circumstances change and allow it. In the meantime I will continue learning things that will make it better and more successful when the time comes.

My focus right now is on three things. The first is learning to be a better writer with an eye to turning whatever skill and talent I might have into a useful income. I'm not aiming at wealth but to try to stabilize our financial ship. We're scraping by but there are storm clouds on the horizon that worry me. I'd like to have a little bit more control over it. I am studying online material to help me out there. I've signed up for several freelancing sites and have done quite a bit of testing to qualify for better potential assignments.

Second area of focus is improving and writing on my own blog sites, including my Hubpages account and WDC. I can apply lessons I've learned and see what happens when I promote them. I don't have to worry about the monthly magazine format or deadlines. I may write some cycling articles that would likely be saved for a future issue of Pico's Cycling but I can temporarily run them on a different platform. Overall the intention is to produce more work rather than less.

Last but no least is my novel writing endeavors. I have to complete novel rough drafts to work with. Part of my time will be spent revising and editing them. I'm hoping to have at least one ready for my publisher to consider before the end of the year. Not sure how fast I can get the work done but as far as I'm concerned it can't happen fast enough.

I have some new hardware at my fingertips. My kids have passed down a more powerful laptop into my care. Francine also gifted me a keyboard for my tablet. This entry is written entirely on that sitting at Mc Donald's while I'm stuck waiting for the twins to finish work. When I finish I will email it to myself so I can put it on my blog when I get home. Putting it directly on the blog is still beyond my skill set. I like to check it over and add at least one picture and for now that only works on my laptop