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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

An Obvious Issue

Courtesy Pixabay

Twitter campaign is in progress and right at the start I have an issue that I would like to resolve. I started small with rotating tweets for just my book and my wife's artwork. The tweets for my book are doing about as well as I could possibly have hoped. The tweets for my wife aren't generating much, which I find very disappointing.

I think if we keep plugging away, the problem will eventually sort itself out. I'd like to see results faster than that though.

The problem is probably a combination of things. Number one is the fact that she really doesn't have a lot of followers. That is something that will have to be addressed slowly. I don't have a huge following myself but the difference is very noticeable. I don't know if the content is an issue. I can see that writers might do better in the Twittersphere than artists in other mediums. I'm just not sure. I'm learning as I go but I would like to see her work gain popularity. The fact that she doesn't spend much time on it directly herself probably isn't helping either.

I will try to draw more interest with how I retweet. This running experiment will tell me how much difference things make. The fact that there is an issue is obvious. How to fix it quickly is not so obvious.

I will continue to expand this effort. I added a campaign for Inknbeans Press in general. I intend to put together campaigns aimed at increasing the readership of all my blogs to add to this. Maybe by the end of the month I will achieve the level of promotion that was my grand plan from the beginning.

At this point if you look at my rate of impressions on Twitter, I'm getting as much attention in twenty-four hours as I was getting in a month two or three weeks ago. Just have to be patient with myself and allow myself to be human.