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Sunday, 31 May 2015

New Record for May

I predicted that in May Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road would break its one month readership record. We'll the Blogger month ends in a few minutes and I will be able to tell you the final tally before I finish writing this post.

Friday morning when I got up to start my day we were just seven page views short of February's record of 1541. I confidently tweeted that the record was going to fall that day. At noon I checked again and we were still four short. That was not what I expected to see. After three o'clock I checked again and we were still three short. For crying out loud it was teasing me. I went outside and took Wesley for a walk. A watched pot never boils and I had no intention of torturing myself. While we were out walking, Francine and the gang arrived home with the groceries, we helped bring everything in. Finished with that I decided to take another quick peak. Boom - we were already forty-five views into new territory. Part of me was starting to worry it would all stall right there.

The new record is 1874 page views. A new month has begun and hopefully we will continue to show consistent growth.