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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pico's Cycling Top Five Articles of 2014

I wrote a post highlighting our top five posts all time recently and I thought I'd follow it up with a post highlighting the top five posts from last year. Won't doing a similar post for awhile because there were only five articles in 2013 and that would be pointless.

I actually had to go and research this because I didn't know what the top articles were outside of the top two for last year and they weren't in the order I expected. Interesting to note is that outside of the first two these have very ordinary readership numbers when you compare them to this year. Just a sign of how much we have grown since last year.

Without further ado. Here they are from the top:

Our most popular article was this reprint from Nancy Sathre-Vogel. A great article. We no longer do reprints because Google punishes the site's ranking for that. Kind of a bummer because there were several others that would have been appropriate. Hopefully someday she'll have time to write an original article for us.

Jack Hawkin's interview with Iohan was a very close second in page views. This year we've featured Iohan in two other articles. They have both done exceptionally well. No surprise if you take the time to watch one of his trip videos. I personally really enjoyed watching them and look forward to his future adventures.

At least something I wrote ranked as high as number three for the year. This article shows in unflattering glory how I dress for different kinds of cycling weather, from rain to snow. My motto is: All season, all weather, all the time. Since riding like this and writing about it, I have seen someone else who dresses up almost exactly like me riding in Moncton. Whoo hoo! I'm a trend setter.

Fourth and fifth place were tied. This is the story or a group tour I planned and led as a tune up for something bigger and better. One of the more successful tours I've participated in. Touring stories are intended to be the lifeblood of this publication.

Last but not least is an article describing how I turned my very ordinary bicycle into an all weather commuting bike. This is the bike that took me to work and anywhere else I needed to go no matter what the weather was like. The bike still exists. Needs a little work but it will be doing my trips this riding season.

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