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Saturday, 23 January 2016

First Mission Accomplished

Courtesy Pixabay

My first writing challenge of 2016 was to complete thirty articles or blog posts in thirty days. I started the challenge on December 24. After thirty days I have completed 32 articles and blog posts. I'm not planning to stop there, hoping to maintain the momentum.

With that challenge completed I was planning to move on to my Twitter campaign but it isn't ready yet. I'm still working on prewriting the needed tweets. I'm kind of rushing those because everything I've come up with so far is off the top of my head. Maybe not the best strategy but that's what I've had time for. Maybe another week before I start that. The intention is to run it for twenty-eight days and see what it accomplishes.

If any of my readers have suggestions on making it better while it is running, I'm all ears. Feedback on something like this is useful. The hope is that the campaign will yield more readers. That goes for any of my writing challenges. Just remember the suggestion to spend lots of money is not welcome. I don't have that to throw into the game.

In the spring, I hope to resurrect my cycling webzine. In the, meantime. I have one other in between project. I need to edit the two rough draft manuscripts I have written. They'll never get published if I don't get that done. More goals to come. I want to make 2016 the best writing year ever for me.