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Friday, 29 January 2016

Writing Pulse Check

Courtesy Pixabay

Tomorrow is the last day of January. I've had an excellent month of consistent writing. I continue to produce daily. My numbers when it comes to readership look encouraging. I'm hoping to build on this as a foundation.

My blog Pico's Writing Practice has validated my reason for making it all public. Last I looked it had 994 views for January. Even if I don't post anything else before February, it'll top a thousand views.

My author's blog here will be close to five hundred page views, while Pico's Cycling – Tales of the Road which isn't even active has picked up close to three hundred. With views on my other blogs, I'm declaring my base total for the month 1800.

Sometime this month I will begin my Twitter campaign. That base total will be my yardstick for measuring how successful the campaign is. Expecting to have another great month.

Besides the Twitter campaign, the coming month will see continued work on my wife's artist's site. There is a lot of material to ghost write for her. Not only will that help her out but it will provide me with an excellent example of what I'm capable of as a freelance writer. I plan to show it to potential clients.

Before spring gets here, I still expect myself to polish “Rat in the Shadows”. I would love to have my second novel published before too much of this year passes.

Ambitious writing year, but I believe I can make it all happen. So far I'm on track.