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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Basics Are In Place

What I set out to do has been accomplished with one minor glitch. The ad for my book won't display for some reason. It's showing just fine on Pico's Cycling -Tales of the Road and that makes no sense. The added gadget is the same on both sites. The HTML code was copy and pasted into both of them. I'll figure it out eventually.

Once I have a few posts on here, I will be adding additional advertising. I'll also go back to the old site a put a message up directing readers to come here. The hope is not to lose any regular readers in the transition.

Before I pack things up for the night, I get to put a folder icon on my laptop desktop. The link should allow me to quickly transfer links to my weekly writing here. The goal is to make posting here easy and useful.

Good writing day. I wrote two articles for the webzine today. I only need one more to be ready to publish again. That's assuming Jack will have everything done as well. Looks good anyway. I'm pretty determined to get that out on time again. Haven't failed since we launched.

Looking forward to a great week.