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Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Daughter Wins a Writing Contest

I don't usually write more than one post a day in my author's Blog but dad has to boast. Last month my daughter Mieke entered two writing contests on www.writing.com. She recently found out that her entry for "Boy Have I Got a Story for You" was awarded first place. She was surprised because she wasn't expecting this story to have what it would take.

Here is a link to her winning entry A Dragon's Princess.

Mieke is regularly entering contests on that site. She usually does very well. The points she wins keeps her subscription there current. I love the site myself. It is where I got the feedback I needed to get my first story ready for a publishers eyes. It's also where I met Kitty Sutton who introduced me to Inknbeans Press. 

Mieke's primary writing focus is on novel length fantasy. The short story contests are exercises to improve her writing