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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Old Writing

Been working slowly but surely over the past couple weeks closing up shop over at Bubblews. My balance is over thirty five dollars over there but I seriously doubt I'll ever make up the between fourteen and fifteen dollars needed to hit the redemption amount. I don't think they'll ever lower that number because too many people like me will just take the money and run. There's no advantage to them to do that. My intention is to harvest everything of value and then abandon the account.

I had written in excess of five hundred posts there. I am slowly deleting them one by one. It is taking longer than I expected because there is more of value there than I thought. I expected to pull maybe a dozen or so posts that could be worked into articles out of the junk pile. Under estimated myself. As I go through them I'm finding that about fifteen percent is worth keeping. It might end up being even higher than that. The material will reappear on my blogs or on Hubpages. 

This is one of the reasons I established the Pico's Writing Practice blog. A lot of my writing practice does deserve to be forgotten but there is a surprising amount of usable material produced. Once I've moved a few things off my plate I expect to be more active on that blog. I should be producing work daily and while I do pretty well considering my schedule and time constraints, I want to do better consistently.