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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Looks Like a Winner

Courtesy Pixabay

Well I entered a grand total of one writing contest so far this year and unless something changes before midnight tomorrow I'm going to win it. Not really the way I want though. At this point I'm the only entry. That fact really flabbers me gast. I thought a contest like this one would have gotten a lot of entries. The monthly contest is call “Try Something New” and the prompt for it was just Valentines Day. I would have ignored the contest because I don't observe the day in any way, but the intro also mentioned writing things like, bad dates, old flames and on and on. It really was wide open. There must be dozens of romance writers on the site who would have been able to write something. How could a contest like that not end up with at least two dozen entries?

I'm trying to give this a positive spin in my little brain. I entered the contest way early. As soon as it popped up in my notifications, I went ahead and cooked up a story for it. This story must be so good that everyone thinking about entering read it, got intimidated and decided to wait for the prompt for next month.

A general announcement has been made that unless there were other entries, I would be awarded the winners prize. I will likely return the points to the contest pool. In my mind it isn't really a win. I will post a link to the story in March if this actually plays out tomorrow or not. I've legitimately won this particular contest before. We'll see what the next prompt will be in March.