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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Only Need One

Courtesy Pixabay

I only need to write one post to finish the month and this is it. Not a garbage post though. More of a month end wrap up.

My goal of writing a blog post, article or story is completely intact. Started more than two months ago now and have been keeping pace with that no problem. The goal at this point is to keep this up for the entire year.

My intention to start and maintain a Twitter campaign has been falling flat though. I have composed tweets but they haven't been properly set up yet. I think I'm trying to hit too hard to start. I'm spending too much time preparing and not enough time doing. There is a lot I want to accomplish with it. With that thought I will approach this differently in March. I'm going to take a section of what I was hoping to do and start with that.

I did get my freelancing site set up this month. Getting it started is only the first hurdle. Next thing is to figure out how to find and keep paying clients. I can do the work. I will be focusing on preparing more professional looking work to showcase what I can do. I already have some potential subjects in mind. I feel I have to push this aspect of my writing because our income needs a little boost to make me feel stable. I'm just reluctant to try to get work through some of the freelancing communities. Working for fifty cents an hour or less isn't going to cut it. I get that I have to make a name for myself but there are limits to the sacrifices I can make.

I had plans to get the ball rolling tomorrow on my readjusted focus but I've been called in to work. Bill is sick and I'm the main back up for maintenance. I should still have time in the afternoon to work at it. No complaint here by the way. This call in solves a number of problems for the week. Number one I have an appointment on Wednesday with the dentist in Moncton. This business allowed me to negotiate a schedule adjustment to accommodate that. It also boosts my hours for the week back up to where they need to be. Happy about that. Tomorrow should be tame. It's Wednesday that is going to be a wild one.

Hope to get more done this evening while I have a chance. Look out March. Here I come.