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Monday, 29 September 2014

A Look At the Past Week

This was supposed to be written and published yesterday, so once again I'm in catch up mode. I don't know that I accomplished a great deal more than putting up Bubblews posts. I'm debating whether putting extra effort there is really worthwhile. While I accomplish that my other writing which I consider more important for the most part isn't happening. I did get a very important post written here on my blog about the family's current status. Knowing that had to be written, I feel blocked me from writing other important things. It's done now.

I have more to say about the immediate future but first I'll get the week of Bubblews out of the way. I did write quite a few posts. All titles are links, so click if you wish to read more.

A New Week Dawns

A short post laying out the week ahead.

Chopping Firewood

An important chore this fall. I got a good start at it last week. The pile is gone now though. Need to get the chainsaw repaired and go into the bush to fetch more.

Rainy Day

Overall the weather was good all week, it just wasn't on this particular day.

Haircut In a Windtunnel

Getting your haircut outside on a gusty windy day doesn't work very well.

Hard Drive Swap

My computer has gotten very glitchy and I finally broke down and switch hard drives. Had to save a lot of material before that could be done and it didn't go without a hitch.

Back In Business

Took a long time for certain needed elements to download to the new hard drive. I was out of action for nearly 24 hours. Frustrating when you are trying to get something done.

Old Shows On Youtube

The family has discovered some old TV shows that we can watch on our current TV equipment.

Gone For a Day

No writing on Bubblews for a day because of the Feast of Trumpets. We spent the better part of the day with a friend.

Home Late

As usual visiting a friend means a long dragged out good bye because we don't actually want to leave that early. Meant a longer time between posts.


Brief discussion on my wood turning business progress.

Profits From Gambling

How I made money from gambling without gambling.

I do have one excuse for not being as productive over the past week as I'd hoped. Changing the hard drive on my computer was not without problems. As one of my posts points out, I spent a lot of time downloading necessary programs and all I could do was wait for that to be done.

A second issue cropped up as well. I'm not always happy with Google Chrome and I tried to switch to Firefox. It works really well for a couple of the kids with similar computer equipment. Unfortunately it doesn't work well for me. I'm a little hard headed so I kept trying to make it work for awhile. I did give up and go back to Chrome. It isn't interfering with my productivity at the keyboard.

If in the coming week, I can't get after my other writing, I will scale back my Bubblews writing. Quick money isn't so quick any more and I have to focus more on the future. One thing that is bothering me is that many of my friends there are complaining about missed or missing payments more frequently. Seems to be a problem on other sites as well. A lot of discussion on Hubpages is quite negative about the merger with Squidoo. Some think it spells the eventual end of the that site too. I shouldn't let it bug me but it does. On the bright side I can pull my material off Hubpages and keep it for another site in the future.

In the next couple days I do have to get my latest issue of Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road out. Unless I encounter more computer/Internet problems, I should have that out by the end of tomorrow. I wanted to do a site review but already have a book review from Jack. I think people want to read more about cycling stories. I have a replacement so were all good.

Final note for this post. My daughter is a little frustrated with a new novel review group on WDC. It's set up so that you either pay an exorbitant number of gift points to be a participant or instead you do five times the number of reviews than you'll get back. We are considering starting our own novel review group. I have an idea how it can be organized but we have to figure out how to make it simple to administer. None of us really want to get bogged down running something like that.