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Sunday, 14 September 2014

A New Week

Didn't get anything done at Hubpages this week. I am planning to do better in the coming week. Bubblews though ticked right along. I made six posts and was able to submit another redemption. Just short of sixty dollars American. That will come in handy once it has posted to my Paypal account.

My younger sister advised me that there has been a change in the Bubblews rules that will allow my children to participate as well. I will be doing posts introducing them to the community as they get accounts signed up. I think it will be a blessing for us all.

Rule of Tongue

I started last week with a tongue in cheek look at suspicious clean dishes setting on our dining room table.

The End of Poopermint

The kids coined a new word this past summer. Thankfully the issue is resolved and we don't have to tolerate the odour anymore.

Cold Morning

Looks like summer is over whether the weatherman or the calender agree or not. Have had chilly nights most of the week.

Yesterday Was No Fun

Just one of those days when everything seemed to be going awry. I got through it.

Market Genius

Started the week talking about our home rule of tongue and ended it with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth deep in thought.

Double Bubble

More or less a Bubblews announcement advising that I will be writing more there in the next couple weeks. The hope is to increase my presence and my rewards.