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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Doubled Up On Bubblews

My most notable achievement in the area of writing this week was to write roughly double the number of posts in Bubblews. Been doing two per day on average with the exception of Saturday when I only do one in the evening.

At the beginning of the week it looked like I wasn’t far off wasting my time with that because my likes were considerably reduced. It actually had nothing to do with my increased activity. Things bounced back at the end of the week.

I plan to the same this week.

One of the big themes this week is the fact that three of my children have taken advantage of the change in rules to open accounts of their own. I’ve heard a rumour that the oldest followed suit while I wasn’t looking today. I will do a post announcing his arrival on the site as well but there is a post I have to write first.

Clicking the titles below will link you to the respective stories. This week’s post are as follows:

It gave me a lot of pleasure to be able to write a post welcoming Brandon to Bubblews. I do this because it makes it easier for them to be discovered by the community. I do that for other friends who choose to join and let me know about it. His user name over there is JollyGoodWot. Incidentally clicking a username here will bring you to that persons profile page.

I chose to bellyache about an apparent glitch in Bubblews notifications system. It has been bothering me because I often loose track of people I'm trying to follow because of it.

In this one I'm moaning about a come from ahead loss by my favourite NFL team. I'm hoping the 49ers have this schtuff out of their system now.

Andrew decided to join his twin brother on Bubblews. This is another introductory post. Andrew's username is Eukenoru.

The most introductory posts I've ever done in a single week. Mieke decided to get in on the fun at the same time as Andrew. Her username and line is TakingAfterMe.

Back breaking chore out of the way. Dismantled the old wood stove and brought in the smaller one with the big firebox. It makes a big difference.

My second tolast moan of the past week. I was discouraged at the response to my increased activity on the site. It turned around on the very next post.

Done with my moaning for now, I decided to have a little fun. Poked some fun at a style of dress and conspiracy theorists in one go.

My memorable dreams are more often hysterically funny rather than scary. This dream had me winning one of the most distinguished civilian awards in Canada. Highest scoring post I've written in sometime. I'm sure the gang from the Hill O' Beans helped me a lot on that one.

Bubblews doesn't always work perfectly. Sometimes it does something really weird. No one else that I encountered on the site has run into this one.

New headset tested with a listening session. I share my Pico's Two Steps Mix playlist from Youtube. In fact I'm listening to the same thing as I make this post. Makes me type and compose faster.

Since I was discussing music taste in the previous post, I decided to show something completely different. I clip of Sonny Boy Williamson II singing and playing.

That's it for Bubblews for another week. I won't have as many introductions next week I probably will have one though. Way to go Sheldon.