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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Weekly Update

We had a visitor today. He initially was hiding under the sawhorse right by the front door. He wasn't eager to move on.

I had a decent week on Bubblews and am past the redemption point again. I will wait till close to the end of the week to claim that. I have reasons for that. I might say why I'm waiting in a future post. Here's the list for the past week.

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I was admittedly a little annoyed about someone's misinterpretation of how things work on Bubblews. The object of my displeasure was written on another forum.

Power Failure

When the power goes out, I can't go online or use the phone or post on Bubblews. It does give me something to write about though.

Bubblews Serials

One of my pet peeves on Bubblews.

Moncton's Eco-disaster

The causeway - need I say more.

Why Connect?

So many unknown people connect to me on Bubblews and I never know anything else about them. Boy was I ever in a crusty mood this past week.

I had some success on Hubpages as well. I am disappointed in the number of page views I'm getting there. It is a long term project but I'm hoping it all perks up shortly. The activity is more dead than I like. I have two articles on tap this time.

Homeschooling-Lessons of Opportunity: The Tidal Bore

Another in my homeschooling series. One of the few things in Moncton to really get excited about. One of the biggest tidal bores in the world and we were busy destroying it.

Conversations With Customer Service

This is a comedy piece I worked on all week. It is a collections of five funny stories from my experiences working in a call centre.