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Friday, 18 December 2015

Boss Bean is Sick

Got word through our author's only Facebook group that Jo was in intensive care at the hospital. That comes as a big shock to all of us. We have come to rely so much on her and appreciate all the hardwork she puts in on our behalf. Whenever I've had a problem, Jo has always gone above and beyond to have to problem rectified.

To illustrate, this past year my son Wesley was offered a sneak peak at one of Andy Boerger's children's books in exchange for a kid perspective review. The initial review was done reading an ebook copy but he was supposed to get the hard copy in the mail later. That's where things got weird. Our address is just a wee bit hard to send packages to. It took some real hands on leadership from Boss Bean to get that done. I am grateful for her efforts and Wesley loves the book. Not only that Wesley has shown a stronger interest in reading ever since.  Who wouldn't want to do business with a publisher like that?

Without her at the helm though, a lot of us worry. She does so much to keep us in the loop that her absence is huge. Makes us all feel a bit adrift. Not a good feeling. Our prayers are with her. Hopefully she'll be back soon but not before she's ready to do so.