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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

General Frustration Is No Reason Not to Write

We work with a composting toilet system in the camp we live in. Last night the temperature dropped to -17 C or 0 F with who knows what wind chill factor, and the overflow pipe froze. This was a frustration we fought with last winter and in hopes of avoiding that this winter we wrapped the pipe with an insulation for that purpose.

Turns out that was a really bad idea. This is the worst freeze up I've ever dealt with. The insulation did not keep the pipe from freezing up at all. Worse it makes it almost impossible to thaw out. I peeled it off and am looking at using a different method of dealing with the problem. The chore is eating up all my writing time today and I'm not very happy about it. So while I wait for the next pot of water to get hot, I'm here bellyaching about it.

We're back to last year's solution which doesn't prevent freezing of the pipe but does limit it. I shove the pipe back into the building as far as I can. That leave only about a foot that can freeze. When it does I'll pull it out far enough to immerse the end in an old bucket with hot water in it. It'll have to be done with annoying regularity but at least it works.

I have set a goal of producing something every day on average for thirty days. I'm only one ahead of pace and am pretty determined to stick with this. This problem is not going to prevent me from reaching that goal. I just hope I don't miss too much sleep on top of everything else.