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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My Mobile Writing Station

You have to excuse the bad case of hat head. I wear a hat at work all day and a toque to keep my head warm in the great outdoors

Bit by bit I've put togther a functional writing station that I pretty much take with me wherever I go. It allows me to fill in time usefully that might otherwise get wasted. It also will allow me to write bicycle touring stories while I'm on tour. I'm not sure the opportunity to do a major tour is in the cards for me but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

My Equipment

I was quite impressed with the capabilities of my wifes tablet and we saved up to get an inexpensive one for myself as well. There was one thing that I found I didn't like though. I don't like writing with the touch screen keyboard. It's just too awkward for me. We found an inexpensive keyboard and case that matched my tablet and while I'm still getting used to the very small keys, I love it. I can produce writing work on the free open office word processor for Android which I downloaded not that much slower than I would at home. Recently we added a telephone receiver so that I can skype from my tablet anywhere I can get a public WiFi signal. The possibilities excite me and the fact that I can do it at minimal expense really gets my attention.

Making Use of My Tools

Right now I am waiting for my son to finish work and my wife to pick us both up and bring us home. I have the capability right here to finish this, take a selfie with the built in camera, upload everything to my author's blog and publish it before my ride gets here. Not only that everything is small enough for me to pack with me on a self-contained bicycle tour if I chose to do so. How cool is that? I know I could spend lots of money and get a smartphone and do this all even smaller but I'm happy with the inexpensive set up we've assembled. I've got a decent sized screen and a functional keyboard along with the basics for being a writer on the move.