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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Early Resolution

My writing is stalled and I aim to do something about it starting today.

I'm starting a thirty day challenge. The goal is to write on average an article or blog post a day for thirty days. I say on average because there are going to be days where writing anything will be impossible. I need to make up those days. For me that means trying to get ahead of the game near the start. I never do well on these type of challenges if I'm behind from the opening gun.

Most of these posts will go on my author's blog right here: From Pico's Pen or Pico's Writing Practice. Anything on any of my blogs counts as well as articles on hubpages, and being optimistic, any freelance article work I pick up. What doesn't count is discussions on myLot and articles that aren't published until later. That would make this a non-challenge.

There are sacrifices that will have to be made. First I'm going to have to get up earlier in the morning. I'm a better more productive writer before I've worn myself down on the job. I'm not saying I can't be productive in the evening I'm just better in the morning. It won't be an easy adjustment to make but I think it will make a difference (otherwise I wouldn't bother).

The second sacrifice will involve my online gaming time. I can fritter a lot of time away playing games online. Probably the biggest most useless culprit is Candy Crush on Facebook. I will stop playing that game for the entire thirty days. That will give my friends a chance to catch up. The only game I will continue to play for that period is Runescape and that I have to stay away from if I'm behind in the writing challenge.

Something that is going to help me a lot is the USB hub I picked up at Jean Coutu in town during the week for about ten dollars. Since switching to Mieke's cast off laptop, I've had a problem conveniently accessing my photo stash I built up on the old computer. I have them on a memory stick but didn't have an available port without unplugging something I need. That has now been resolved and adding pictures should be that much easier now.

So this is the first of thirty. Let's see if I can make this happen. Hope to have another something written this evening. Then I'll be one ahead on the first day.